First Monthly Drinks

Hi guys,

Do not forget about tonight’s first Monthly Drinks!

Tonight is also the opportunity to get to know the Terra committees and ask any questions you might have about them. There will be sign-up sheets at [see the Facebook event]. If you cannot make it tonight, do not worry! You have got until the 12th to sign up for a committee and there will be a sheet on the door of the Terra office as well (C008). After the 12th we will send everyone that has shown interest an email asking for a short motivation on why you would like to join that committee. You can do this until the 16th – after this we will finalise the committees and let you all know!

This year’s committees:

Acquisition – helps generate extra income for Terra. If you would like to help look for extra sponsors or organise the Terra auction, please feel free to join!

Books – would you like to help organise a book market twice a year?

DUSANE – organises the annual Dutch Symposium of the Ancient Near East. If you are interested in the Near East, this is a very informative and fun way to get to know more about this region!

Entco – organises small, non-study related activities throughout the year. Think of things like board game afternoons, live stratego and pub quizzes. Have you got what it takes to entertain your fellow Terra members?

Experimental – a yearly event that revolves around experimental archaeology. Demonstrations, interactive activities, all and more can be organised!

Gala – probably the only committee in which you get to organise an activity and get to dress up at the same time!

LAW – if you join the Leiden Archaeology Weekend committee you get to organise a weekend full of fun and a bit of archaeology open to all Terra members!

Travel – a long holiday packed with cultural and archaeological activities? Wow, what? Yes! If you join this committee you can not only choose the destination but all the activities too. Plus, you get to practice your skills as part-time tour guide. Sounds fun, right?

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