• 04

    19:00 -21:00

    The second event of Nabu Na’id’s subgroup week is the movie night! This time, we will be watching Dreamworks’ Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. This movie is based on the 1001-night’s tale about Sinbad the Sailor.

    The movie will start at around 19:00. This means that afterwards, we can get right into the monthly drinks by Terra. See you there!

  • 04

    21:00 -00:00

    Time for Terra’s Monthly Drinks again!

    If you’d like to relax and unwind before the drinks start, Nabu Na’id will host a movie night in the upstairs room. They will start showing Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas at 19:00!

    See you there!

  • 06

    19:00 -23:00

    Op de eerste Archeonacht opent het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden ’s avonds haar deuren om je te laten zien hoe leuk archeologie is! Maak kennis met archeologie door theateroptredens, documentaires en meer. Beleef VR archaeology, doe mee aan de archeologische schrijfworkshop, laat je rondleiden en luister naar de spannend verhalen van echte archeologen. Voor jong en oud!

    Stuur een mailtje naar bestuurlasterra@gmail.com met de vraag voor een aanmeldformulier voor gratis kaartjes!

    (Sadly the event will be in Dutch, internationals may of course still join! Send an email to bestuurlasterra@gmail.com for an application form for free entrance!)

  • 09

    17:30 -21:00

    Ave fellow students, K.A.D. Reuvens presents the first activities of our subgroup week. First, dr. van der Meer will present a fascinating lecture on the Etruscan language, free for all to join! This will be held in the Van Steenis building at 17:30 sharp, so don’t hesitate to come along!
    Following this we will head to the pizza restaurant at 19:00 for a pizza dinner costing
    €10 for any pizza and drink. You can join us after the lecture or just come along and meet us there for an evening of food. If you wish to join then be sure to send an email before the 5th of October to k.a.d.reuvens@gmail.com!

  • 11

    20:30 -03:00

    Ave fellow students! Once again K.A.D Reuvens will be hosting the infamous nymphs and satyrs party at De Eeuwige Student, costing the astoundingly low price of €2 . Don’t miss this ideal opportunity to have some alcoholic beverages and bond with your fellow archaeology students, and be sure to stay a while so you don’t miss the little surprise that we have planned for all of you later in the night!

    (entrance fee can be payed at the door)

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About us

L.A.S. Terra is short for the Leidsche Archaeological Study-association Terra. Throughout the year, we organise lots of activities like lectures, drinks, movie nights, trips and lots more. Besides that, we have our infamous Terra parties. Also, every year, we organise a weekend for the first year students. This takes place at the beginning of the year so that the first years get to know each other and us. Terra has a slightly weird construction, since we have five different subgroups inside the association. These subgroups each represent different Archaeological areas. When you become a member of Terra, which you are for life, you will automatically become a member of the subgroups. This means, you don’t have to sign-up or pay anything extra to join their activities. You can also just choose if you want to go to activities or not, no strings attached. If you want to know more about the subgroups, simply go to our subgroup page. Since almost every Archaeology student is a member of Terra, it is a great way to get to know fellow students and even the staff, of which many have been active members in the past. You are always welcome to come see us in our office (room C.008) for a nice chat, information about activities or just if you want to hang out with us.



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