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Booklist BA1:

World Archaeology 

Scarre, C. (ed.) 2013. The Human Past. World Prehistory and the Development of Human Societies (Fourth Edition) Thames and Hudson) ISBN 9780500294208

Past & Future

Fagan, B. M. and Durrani, N. (2020) Bigger than history: why archaeology matters. London: Thames and Hudson. ISBN 978-0500295090

Landscape Dynamics 1 Geosystems

An Introduction to Physical Geography, 10th Edition. ISBN 9781292057750

Introduction to Heritage Studies 1, Recommended not compulsory

Harrison R. (2010) Understanding the politics of heritage. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

West S. (2010) Understanding heritage in practice, Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Field Techniques

Renfrew, C & Bahn, P. 2020. Archaeology, methods, theory and Practice 8th Edition ISBN 978-0500294246

Exploratory Data Analysis in Archaeology

Fletcher, M. & G.R. Lock, 2005. Digging Numbers, Elementary Statistics for Archaeologists, Oxford University Committee for Archaeology, Oxford.