May 18, 2018


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  • 06

    19:00 -21:00

    Welcome all, you are hereby invited to the Reuvens movie night in De Keyzer on Thursday the 6th of December at 19:00. Drinks at De Keyzer begin at 21:00 so why not join us for a movie and a couple of alcoholic beverages beforehand?
    However, before watching a movie, we have to pick one. We have five movie contenders: 300, Pompeii, Jason and the Argonauts, Gladiator, and Asterix and Obelisk! But only one of these will be viewed and it is up to you, our members, to choose! A poll will soon open on Facebook and the most popular movie will win.

    Further announcements will be posted on the event page on Zuckerberg’s revolutionary and multipurpose social networking site

  • 06

    21:00 -00:00

    A bit sad Sinterklaas has left the country and there will be no more choco pepernoten for another year? Hopefully sharing a drink with your friends will cheer you up!

    Before the drinks start, Reuvens will organise a movie night in the upstairs room of De Keyzer!

    See you there!

  • 11

    19:30 -00:00

    Now that we have caught your attention with this exciting title, we would like to invite you to our pool tournament!
    On Tuesday the 11th of December, Johan Picardt will organise a pool tournament in Poolcafe The Church, together with the study association of English Language and Culture: Albion. We will be there at 7:30 and the tournament will start at exactly 8, so be on time!
    The tournament will consist of teams of 2 playing against each other until one last, glorious team stands on the deceased corpses of all their defeated enemies. You can sign up for this fantastic event by sending an email to with
    – Your team name
    – You and your partner’s name
    Participation will only cost €2,50 a person (so €5 per team, which is super cheap) and there will be a prize for the winning team.
    If you think you are the best pool player of Leiden then sign up quickly, because there is only a limited amount of places!
    P.S. You are still allowed to bring your swimming clothes