May 18, 2018


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  • 05

    17:00 -18:00
    Van Steenis Gebouw, E004
    Van Steenis Gebouw

    Wanna hear more about Caribbean archaeology? This Tuesday, 5th of November, Sony Jean is the very first to receive a PhD in Archaeology in Haitian history! He will present his groundbreaking PhD research La Biographie d’un Paysage, especially for us! In this research he explores the Fort-Liberté region in Haiti, examining the archaeological traces of different social groups that shaped the cultural landscape of the region over an extensive chronological period. Please come and join us! Afterwards, there is time for questions and there will be snacks.

  • 05

    18:30 -21:30
    La Cubanita
    Noordeinde 19

     After the lecture, it’s tapas time! Come and join us for some amazing food at La Cubanita (with Sony!). For the lovely price of €17,50, you can join us for this delicious tapas dinner. Unfortunately, this price does not include drinks, but you can still enjoy unlimited tapas. Yes, that’s right: unlimited tapas! You don’t have to transfer us money, you pay with cash or card yourself at the restaurant. If you wanna come, sign up fast! There are limited spots available. Sign up by sending an email to johandelaet@gmail.comLooking forward to seeing you there!

  • 05

    21:00 -00:00
    Cafe de Keyzer
    Kaiserstraat 2-4, Leiden


    After the tapas dinner, you can come join the board at Café de Keyzer for the third monthly drinks. Since it is at de Keyzer again this month, we will have a discount on drinks again. Don’t forget to come collect your stamp! However, due to our Terra Halloween Party on Thursday, we moved the Keyzer Drinks to Tuesday the 5th of November!

  • 07

    22:00 -03:00
    Kolfmakersteeg 8

    Like every year, we organize our first party around Halloween. This gives us, and thus you as our lovely members, the perfect excuse to pull out all the stops and dress up like you have never done before. In honour of this, we will hold a little dress-up competition. Right after arriving at 22:00 at the 7th of November, you will get a ballot on which you can write the name of the person with your favourite costume. Hand in the ballot before midnight and the board will announce the winner, who will get rewarded for the effort they put in!
    For tickets you can either stop by the office and pay for your ticket in person or transfer the money to NL89RABO0345625846 on the name of LAS Terra, mentioning the party and your name. You can find more info on the poster and at the link below.

  • 08

    16:00 -18:00
    Klikspaanweg 17
    Klikspaanweg 17

    Are you already excited for the terra party, but dreading the hangover next day? Don’t worry about it, because Nabu Na’id has got you covered. At the 8th of November, we will organize a hangover meal. We will be preparing several Middle Eastern dishes and drinks for you. The meal will start at 16:00 and joining will only set you back 4 euros. If this sounds like an awesome idea to you then please sign up by sending an e-mail to Please include if you have any allergies or preferences.  We will try to take all of your preferences into account.