May 18, 2018


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November 25 - December 01
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    Terra Summer Trip

    17:00 -18:30

    Lo and behold! On Tuesday, November 26th, the Travel Committee will announce the destination of next summer’s trip! Additionally, activities, modes of transport and prices will be shared. For those that don’t know, the Terra summer trip is a twelve-day journey, filled with culture, history, archaeology and other activities. The admission to the trip will also start right after the presentation!

    Maitreya Article Discussion

    19:00 -22:00
    Kaiserstraat 2-4, Leiden
    Kaiserstraat 2-4, Leiden

    On the 26th of November at 19:00 Maitreya will be hosting their first discussion group of the year at de Keyzer! Have you always wanted to know more about archaeological subjects that the faculty does not cover and discuss them with your fellow students? We got you covered! Enjoy a free first cold beverage of your choice on us while we discuss our first topic: African rock art, with a particular focus on the San people of South Africa. We will send those who sign-up three articles: One of which is a more general introductory article, and the other two are more specialised of which you may choose one. Of course, we will not shun you if you choose to read both 😉 If you would like to join please send us an email so we can provide the articles:

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    Noob'u Naid Video Game Night

    16:00 -19:00
    Van Steenis
    Van Steenis

    On November 27th, Nabu Na’id will be hosting its first videogame night where we will be playing 2 games. The first game is Age of Empires 2 HD Edition where people will be able to pick different civilizations and wage war against each other. The second, for those looking for a more chill experience, will be Uncharted 3 an adventure type game where you go around the world looking for Near Eastern Treasure. Feel free to drop by and have a look around, you are also welcome to play other games. In the case of Uncharted, you won’t need anything in particular but for Age of Empires 2, you will need to bring your own laptop with the game installed (you can find the game on steam).

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