May 18, 2018


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  • 04

    18:30 -20:00

    The first Terra activity of this year will be the General Assembly of Members, which will take place on Wednesday, 4th of September, at Van Steenis Gebouw, room E.001, from 17:30 till 20:00.

    During this assembly, we shall be saying goodbye to the old board of 2018/2019, followed by the inauguration of the board of 2019/2020.

    If you wish to experience the more formal aspect of L.A.S. Terra, then make sure to attend the GAoM!

  • 05

    21:00 -23:00
    Cafe de Keyzer
    Kaiserstraat 2-4, Leiden

    On Thursday, the first monthly drinks will be held at Cafe de Keyzer, starting 21:00.

    Not only are you able to have some (discounted) drinks with friends here, you will also be able to talk to old committee members to see if you are interested in joining one of such committees.

    Do you want to have a more active role within L.A.S. Terra? Then joining one of the committees is the right way to do so!

  • 06

    15:00 -13:00

    A three-day event, hosted just for our lovely First Years, filled with fun activities that are meant to help you better understand what L.A.S. Terra and its subgroups are all about. Consisting of plenty of themed games, educational walks, and parties, the First Year’s Weekend is the best means of getting to know your future classmates, as well as older Archaeology students, in the most interesting and amusing of environments.

    For those attending – don’t forget all your necessities that we have listed for you in an email!

    See you this weekend!

  • 12

    21:00 -23:30
    De Hut van Ome Henne
    Sint Aagtenstraat 28

    As is tradition, all subgroups will get one week in the beginning of the year to present themselves and host some activities. This year, Maitreya will be the first to do this in week 37, starting on Monday, the 9th of September.

    On Thursday the 12th, they will host an epic karaoke party at De Hut van Ome Henne, starting from 21:00.

    Make sure to be there or Maitreya’s assessor, Vi, will be very upset with you!

  • 14

    14:00 -16:00
    Sieboldhuis Rapenburg 19

    On Saturday the 14th, the Maitreya subgroup will be going on a trip to the Japanmuseum Sieboldhuis, for a more cultural afternoon, from 14:00 till 16:00.

    Entrance is free, just make sure to bring your student card to the museum!