Gender-blending party!

13-02-2020 22:00 - 14-02-2020 03:00
COC de Kroon
Address: Langegracht 65

 Ladies, Gentlemen and non-binary folks of Terra!

Get ready for the much anticipated second Terra party of the year: a fabulous gender-blending party! On the 13th of February whip out your skirts, make-up, suit jackets, beards and heels, the stage is yours! Experiment with your gender expression however you like, for we are all free to look and be however we want!

The party will begin at 22 at De Kroon and will last until 3 am. The party will be FREE, BUT ONLY if you email us or walk into the office to sign up (and of course are a Terra member) before the 12th of February! If you don’t send an email in time but still want to come, it will cost €2 at the door. Intros are allowed (one per member) and they will also have to pay €2.

Hope to see you all there for an unforgettable night!